I woke up today at about 6:40, as said from my other thingy. It says Rise and Shine on our schedule. I started packing up early, and since I had a plastic bag, I woke Jabez and J2 and Nolan up (a bunch of people call him Noly Roly/Boly however you spell it. We also have a swivel chair named after him [Noly Roly or Rolly]). So they started packing, except for Jabez (we call him Baz or Bez.). He kept snoring and stuff, the fake kind. He was lying in bed for like, more than thirty minutes or so. Then we had breakfast, which was 饅頭 (steamed bread), porridge, 肉鬆 (meat floss), eggs, cabbage, 麵筋 (peanut gluten), and spiced cucumber. Probably other stuff too, I forgot. Then we had another team talk. Mr. Owens talked about being strong, courageous, and brave, because we were doing the High and Low Altitude Adventures, which would be probably way harder than yestaurday. Then, we put on helmets and harnesses. Then we set off to the High and Low Altitude Adventure place. I was in group 2, and I had to be with Joseph, Mya, Teressa, Megan, Hayden, Samantha, Megan, Charity, and Mrs. Bos (Hayden's mom). Not to mention that I had to be with all girls except Joseph. Then we had to go through a whole boring speech. Then we began. The order was: Haynde, Charity, Megan, Samantha, me, Teressa, Mya, then Joseph, then Mrs. Bos.

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