Note: The reason only the first and last letters of peoples' names is because many people said I was EXPOSING them, as said in the comments. So I changed it!

I woke up at about 6:30, because I was too excited for the trip at Yang Ming Shan (Mountain)! I quickly got up and worked and some parts of my ELA homework, and then my mom called me for breakfast, where I ate dumplings, fried pork and milk. Then I grabbed my bags and we went to Morrison. I was probably one of the last ones there. I gave my health card to Mrs. O***s, and sat down in a seat. We boarded the bus a few minutes later, and I sat with M*x. Then we watched Remember the Titans, which was about a football team called the Titans that obviously played football. The movie was based on a true story. Then we stopped at a resting area on the highway, and like always, people stared at us because of three possible reasons, 1)we spoke English, 2)people probably thought we were supposed to be in school, and 3)my classmates were yelling and screaming and stuff. Then we got back on the bus, and when we finished Remember the Titans, we watched Aladdin. We got through the first part where Aladdin was chased by the offcials or whatever. Then we got to Yang Ming Shan! YAY! When we first got there, we went to our cabin, and our cabin had C****r, N***n, J******n, J****seph, J***z, Mr. F***h, Mr. H*u, and obviously, me. We made an empty bed our gaming room, because there were bunks, so we had a roof. I got one of the top bunks. Then we went for lunch. I got a ham and cheese sandwich, and since I only ate peeled apples, I played catch with I****h and V*****t (okay, this V*****t is the V*****t from my class) and Mrs. O***s told us to stop. I gave my apple to J***z, because he was sort of collecting apples, and attempted to make apple snowmen. Then we had our first team talk. We talked about doing our best when we did our challenges in Yang Ming Mountain, because there were a bunch of challenges here. Then a guy, I forgot his name, told us to go through a hula-hoop, all of us. He timed us. The first one was fifty something seconds, and we kept improving. And our guide was called J**e. I Don't Know What Is His Name was the other team's. guide. Then: the moment of truth: the teams. Mrs. O***s held a bag of bandannas, and you had to pick a bandanna, with the colors of green and yellow, so there was Team Green and Team Yellow. It ended up being Asparagus and Banana. I held my breath as I took my bandanna. My heart dropped to my feet when I got yellow. In yellow, we had me, M****s, J****h, J*****n(he didn't do anything, just taking pictures), J***z, T****y, M*x, J*****n, K****h, M**n, S******e, B******y, En, and C*****e, and I might have gotten the teams wrong, because I forget large amounts of people. Then we had to make a group cheers, and J***z kept saying Cha-Ching! (he was kind of annoying) We ended doing something like, "We are yellow, the mighty mighty yellow." No offense to the makers, but it was kind of lame. I didn't help make the cheer. Then we did something like bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s... The green team's cheer was probably way better. I'll go ask my friends then I'll put it up here, in case I get it wrong. Then we did his game where we had to sit down in a circle, and there was one person in the middle. The guy in the middle asks a guy if he likes the people who he are sitting next with. If he says yes, everybody switches seats, and you have to try to get a seat, not just moving over one or two. But if he guy says no, he can request for two numbers, since everybody had a number. So then the people next to the guy, and the people whose numbers have called out, and the guy in the middle, have to get seats. Then we had our first team challenges. The first challenge, both teams worked together. We had to get over a wall, with nothing but teamwork. So people just stand on your hands, and people on top of the wall pull you up. Easy. Then we split up, and our next challenge was pretty hard. We first had to stand on a small table (all thirteen of us because J*****n was taking pictures), and not fall off for 10 seconds. We got it, but the next one was harder. We had to swing from a rope, and land on that small table, all of us. And we did it. So our next challenge was to get a on a balance thing, and not make a piece of wood fall. Note, the small table on the last challenge was about 1 meter * 1 meter. We made this challenge, and our next challenge was to switch sides on the balance thing, because there was a red line in the middle, and you couldn't step on it. We did it after a few tries because our teammates were yelling at each other and screaming in peoples' faces. I was out of the conversation, as well as M****s, T*****y, and M*x. Then our next challenge was where there was three platforms in a line, the area as big as the one where we swing on the rope's platform. They were spaced about more than three meters, and we had two portable boards, one about one feet, the other was a little less than three meters. We stood on the platforms on the sides, and we had to swtich sides, to the middle, to the other side. One person who held the board could stand on the ground, and plus, if one person fell, we had to start over. On the one where we had to swing from the rope, only that person had to start over. We did it in probably 8~15 minutes. Then we had to stand on a log that was hanging from two trees, and it spun. We had to stand on it, all of us, for ten seconds. We didn't make it, so we moved on. There was this thing where you had to stand on a really high platform. There were two of them, and were separted about 4~6 meters. There were two ropes that drooped down, connecting the two platform. You had to walk across the rope to get to the other platform, and we did it. M****s basically just crawled over it in less than fifteen seconds. Ah, and if you fell down from the ropes, you had to go to the end of the line. Your teammates have to hold the ropes well in order for you to get across. J****h was so scared that when he looked down onto the ropes, he freaked out and went down the ladder to the ground. M*x made an excuse. He said he "needed more ideas" on how to get across. T*****y fell right away, not even crossing one meter. Then they did the challenge again, and we went back to the log. We did girls first, then boys first. And we made it. That was about 4:30. Then we filled out a reflection, and talked about two are better than one. Then we had a BBQ dinner. I ate too much and threw up. No kidding. Then we ate s'mores, but I didn't. I just ate the marshmallow, because I am allergic to chocolate. Then we played sardines. I won't explain the rules. Never mind, I will. So basically you hide, and you have to go in groups of two to find that person. If you find him, you hide with him until the last group finds the big group. I lost my watch. And I almost lost my glasses case. J****h was whining about, "Oh, you counted too fast." "Oh, you have to go in groups of two." We went in one whole group. Then I got board, then played volleyball with some friends using S***h(Salaba)'s volleyball. Then we sang some songs around a grill, because it was too wet and we couldn't make a bonfire (no kidding, Mrs. O***s was planning to make a bonfire). We sang "Bind Us Together", "God is So Good", and I forgot the other songs. Then we got bored again. So we did something else. Then we started playing board games and stuff at our cabins. At 9:30, we had to go back to our cabins, so we played with Jo******n(J2 is his nickname)'s UNO Attack, basically UNO, but with more types of action cards. Then Mr. H*u and Mr. F***h made us go to bed when we were in a middle of a game. Since K******n was too good at telling ghost stories, I couldn't fall asleep until about 11:40. I woke up at 6:40. I kept hitting J****h on the hand on purpose. We went to bed at 10:00. And I did take a shower and brushed my teeth.

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