The newest system of car parking! Don't worry about not finding a place to park. You can park right here! Don't worry about the extra charges if you park on-street. All you have to do is drive your car in our entrance and get off your car. Pay by the machine and enter your cars information. Then there! When you want to pick up your car, open your App and enter the information that head for the parking lot. And your car will be there waiting for you.


Our newest parking system lets you use the ultimate EasyCard to pay! No need to carry cash around just beep with your card and your done! Also if you use your EasyCard, the first hour will be free! All you have to do is scan your card with you leave your car and scan it again when you get your car. Wha la! Easy peasy!

Contact Us

Contact us if you have any questions or comments at our emails = Stephanie W., Charity L., Winnie Also please fill out this form if it is possible! ___

Parking App

To get to the app, go click on Gallery at the top. Next, search up "parking" at the search bar. Click on the one that is made by "wus3". If it tells you to make a new project just make it. Then go to the top and click on "Connect" after finished loading. Click on "AI Companion. This only works if you have an Android device. iOS devices do not work. Download the MIT AI2 Companion on your device. When you get in, type in the code if you prefer to, or just scan the QR code.