We woke up today at Crystal Hotel II and we walked down to Nipponbashi Station. We then took the subway/metro to Kobe. But before that, we went to a breakfast place called England House. I got waffles. When we got to Kobe, we went to a Gindaco restaurant so I could get takoyaki (balls with octopus inside. It is grilled on a ball shaped grills, a bunch of half spheres on the grill. Tako means octopus, and yaki meant grill or barbecue). Then we took a bus to Aliman Springs from Kobe. At first when we got there, we saw this outdoor bathing place where people bathed. Naked. In public. There was no one there, thankfully. Then, we met some friendly people who helped us take a picture with a statue on a bridge. It was raining. Then my mom told me that at Aliman, there was the Silver Soup and the Gold Soup. The Gold Soup is a type of water you can bathe in, which is obviously better than the Silver Soup. Then we went up a hill and looked at a bunch of small temples and houses (old). We saw a bunch of weird stuff. My mom wanted to go to the Gold Soup, but I said I wanted to go to the Toy Museum, a bunch of toys collected by some guy. I saw a bunch of toys and saw a model of a train set where trains actually went around (no chevere). Then we went back to Kobe for ramen and don. I bought an umbrella at Daiso that I lost (in this trip, not today). We went to the Port of Kobe, saw the tower and a bunch of ships. Then we went back to the hotel and I played more CLASH OF CLANS!!!

These are the pictures from my mom's phone.

These are the photos from my phone. Brace yourselves, there are more than 100 photos!

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