I woke up pretty early, and we took a taxi to a UBus station. We then took the bus to Taoyuan Airport. My mom doesn't really travel without my dad, so we were stuck at the aiport for half an hour before we could go to the Cathay Lounge. Even though it was expensive to go in there, there was a buffet in their and I got three bowls of beef noodles. When I was full, I got to play on the computers and waited for my mom to finish eating. The Wi-Fi was a rip-off. I tried a lot of games but most of the good ones didn't work, so I just played Hole.io. Then we quickly ran to gate B7. I was really surprised, because when I dragged my mom over to the Economy section, she dragged me to the Business section! I was so thrilled because this was the first time I've ever gone in Business class. It wasn't as good as First Class, but I least got a giant screen, a bunch of leg room, and I could lie down! The bad part was that the games on the screen weren't very good. I should have played Clash of Clans since the plane had Wi-Fi. The screen's games were boring and childish, like Angry Birds and another one featuring a platformer starring the baby from the Incredibles. I then watched some movies, but the movies were just so lame, so I ended up watching Wreck-It Ralph and Hotel Transylvania 3. Both were very lame. Then a flight attendant came and gave me a menu, that had a three course meal on it (it ended up being a two course meal). I ate something like a chicken with miso sauce thing, then a vanilla Haagen-Dazs. After that, we landed really quickly, and did all those quarantine, customs stuff. Then we took a bus and went shopping in an outlet. My mom originally said that we would shop for two hours, but it actually became double. I played Subway Surf most of the time. Then we left and saw a giant neon ferris wheel. Since my uncle helped us get the hotel, it took us a very long time to get to our hotel since my mom's cartography isn't so good. At last, we got to the Crystal Hotel II. I played some more COC and went to sleep!

Taoyuan Aiport

This is the interior of the Taoyuan Airport.


Me eating some beef noodles.


Me eating some beef noodles.


My mom eating some beef noodles.


My mom eating beef noodles.


A selfie of my mom and I.


Me drinking water.


Screen announcement.


My mom talking with a flight attendant.


I don't know what I was doing.


Using a hot towel.


Playing angry birds.




My first course.


My second course.


A nintendo stand.


My mom loading our luggage into the bus.


A LEGO R2-D2 at the outlet.


The neon ferris wheel.

End of Picture Gallery: Taoyuan, Taiwan, to Kansai, Japan

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