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10/27/2017: Student-Led Conferences
10/28/2017: Volleyball Tournament In Kaoshung
10/29/2017: Run a 10KM
10/30/2017: Nothing in Particular
10/31/2017: Nothing in Particular
10/31/2017: I didn't Trick or Treat--Tuesday
11/1/2017: Nothing in Particular--Wednesday
11/2/2017: Nothing in Particular--Thursday
11/3/2017: Nothing in Particular--Friday
11/4/2017: Nothing in Particular--Saturday
11/5/2017: Nothing in Particular--Sunday
11/6/2017: Nothing in Particular--Monday
11/7/2017: A Family Member's Birthday--Tuesday
11/8/2017: Nothing in Particular--Wednesday
11/9/2017: Nothing in Particular--Thursday
11/10/2017: School Junior Carnival--Friday
11/11/2017: Nothing in Particular--Saturday
11/12/2017: Nothing in Particular--Sunday
11/13/2017: Nothing in Particular--Monday
11/14/2017: Nothing in Particular--Tuesday
11/15/2017: Nothing in Particular--Wednesday
11/16/2017: Nothing in Particular--Thursday
11/17/2017: Nothing in Particular--Friday
11/18/2017: Nothing in Particular--Saturday
11/19/2017: Nothing in Particular--Sunday
11/20/2017: Yang Ming Shan (Yang Ming Mountain) First Day--Monday
11/21/2017: Yang Ming Shan (Yang Ming Mountain) Second Day: High and Low Altitude Adventure--Tuesday
11/22/2017: Christian Service Learning at a Senior Home--Wednesday
11/23/2017: Nothing in Particular--Thursday
11/24/2017: Nothing in Particular--Friday
11/25/2017: Nothing in Particular--Saturday
11/26/2017: Nothing in Particular--Sunday
11/27/2017: Nothing in Particular--Monday
11/28/2017: Nothing in Particular--Tuesday
11/29/2017: Nothing in Particular--Wednesday
11/30/2017: Nothing in Particular, failing NaNoWriMo--Thursday
12/1/2017: Nothing in Particular--Friday
12/2/2017: Nothing in Particular--Saturday
12/3/2017: Nothing in Particular--Sunday
12/4/2017: Nothing in Particular--Monday
12/5/2017: Nothing in Particular--Tuesday
12/6/2017: Nothing in Particular--Wednesday
12/7/2017: Nothing in Particular--Thursday
12/8/2017: Nothing in Particular--Friday
12/9/2017: Christmas Bazaar and Softball tournament at Morrison Christian Academy Taichung (my school). I should have participated in Middle School Softball. But I did Middle School Volleyball. I somewhat participated in the Christmas Bazaar.--Saturday
12/10/2017: I went to Taipei at a Mexican party. We played lots of games, such as a type of Bingo, raffles, pinata, and a bunch of other stuff, but since I ate too much Mexican food, I had a stomach ache so bad that my mom let me play Trivia Crack. But I still had a stomach ache. From the raffle, I got two shirts, a hat, a Taipei 2017 Universiade bag and a raincoat.--Sunday
12/11/2017: Nothing in Particular--Monday
12/12/2017: Nothing in Particular--Tuesday
12/13/2017: Nothing in Particular--Wednesday
12/14/2017: Nothing in Particular--Thursday
12/15/2017: GOT MY MACBOOK PRO!--Friday
12/16/2017: Did some stuff with my uncle on the MacBook Pro.--Saturday
12/17/2017: Watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi with my sister and uncle, and after that, we went to a Christmas party downstairs in our apartment. I ate a bunch of free popcorn.--Sunday
12/18/2017: Nothing in Particular--Monday
12/19/2017: Nothing in Particular--Got a super bad headache so I got to watch Wizards versus Cavaliers and Lakers versus Warriors.--Tuesday
12/20/2017: Celebrated my sister's birthday with her friends. The headache suddenly popped back up, so when we got back home I got to watch Bucks versus Cavaliers. My sister got a bunch of presents.--Wednesday.
12/21/2017: We did the Olympics in our World History class. We did Trivia, Arm Wrestling, Cartwheeling, Try Not to Laugh, Jump Rope, Soda Chugging, and Quick, Draw!. We got last place, 88 points. Other teams I think got 130, 118 and 114.
12/22/2017: We went to my grandma's house and ate rice dumplings, or whatever you call them (湯圓).
12/23/2017: We went and ate at Top City, and I kept playing Clash Royale.
12/24/2017: Our family and a bunch of other families and our swimming class went to a buffet that our swimming class / organization had arranged. Our swimming class is called NEAC. The name for it is Newton's Educational Activity Center.
12/25/2017: We did some stuff and ate some stuff at a place. The place is classified.
12/26/2017: Did something that would help me (physically).