These are some funny videos I've watched during my time at London. These are from Studio C.

Here is a fun game my friend Alan made. I do not get the last part. (Okay, it isn't THAT fun no offense Alan)

A Padlet Breakout Game

Okay. Let's start with a mind-blowing trick.
I know ten things about you.
1. You are reading this message.
2. You have eyeballs.
3. You are alive.
4. You can't say the letter P out loud with your lips closed.
6. You just tried it.
7. You didn't read number five.
8. You just checked if you did miss number 5.
9. You are laughing at yourself for falling for this trick again.
10. You are a human.
11. You are reading fact 11.

Trivia Test!

My email is Copy and paste this link and tell me in a email to give you permission to go in this test. Include your email in it. Good luck!

Watch the NBA All-Star Game 2017-2018!


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