About us

Nowadays, people do almost everything on their phone. We wanted to do this project because many people failed to do their work, get to work in time, or make an emergency phone call to call people they’ve ran out of battery. A real situation was when prepping for a debate tournament, a computer went out of battery and didn’t bring a charger. This lost in lack of practice and failure.

Since we were near a convenient store, IΩ could have bought a lemon over there and borrowed some zinc nails, copper wire, and the rest of the materials needed from the MakerSpace (a.k.a. CreationStation, maybe they might not have let me borrowed it.)

Now, you just have to go to a local fruit store and buy some lemons, buy zinc and copper, connect it to a charger and and your phone can be charged up. (See supplies to see your supplies, assemble to assemble your product, and science behind to know what happened)

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