H.M.S. Belfast Borough Market

Today I slept up so late, about 9:40! It was a great day, we first took a double-decker bus to London Bridge, and bought a Big Ben clock for my dad. I forgot, we first ate breakfast, again, half butter half strawberry jam sandwich, and milk. Okay, we went and looked at some pots, pans, kitchen stuff, then went to find my uncle's friend. We searched around for good food, then it was decided I ate chicken phad thai: it was pretty delicious. But after a bird pooped on my shoe, I almost threw up and lost my appetite. Then we looked at smoothies, juice, seafood, (my uncle's friend got prawn roll, he also got some meat for pasta), and finally we got to the oyster place. My uncle and his friend bought 6 oysters, which I didn't eat because they looked very very very very very disgusting. My uncle's friend also bought crispy squid for us to share. Then he went home, so we started taking pictures, and bought my mom's pan she wanted. Then we kept going and made our way to H.M.S. Belfast. H.M.S. stands for His Majesty's Ship, or Her Majesty's Ship, I have no idea. As we walked along the bridge to the ship, there was a timeline of the H.M.S. Belfast. There were free audioguides, and we got to look on the quarter deck, my favorite deck, the happiest deck, the fullest deck. Then we got to climb a ladder to the second floor, where we participated in a gun firing experience. The noise was so loud. Then we got to the next floor, where there was another gun firing experice, which was awesome. We got to the café, which during the World War II times it was the plane landing place, so the sleeping quarters, the bathroom of the crew, and the hospital, and took a picture next to a Mark IX(9) torpedo. Torpedos from H.M.S. Belfast could go in a certain pattern, weave around the good ships until they find the bad ship. The torpedos could also turn in a nice and neat gyro angel to hit the bad ships with the ship turning! The food on the ship: so bad. First course: fish n' chips. Second course, fish n' chips. Third course, fish n' chips. You'll eventually die of hunger. We saw many videos, then went back home. We ate the cherries we bought at the market, then set off for Picadilly Circus. It's not really a circus, it could have been a circus long ago, but it's jsut a name. There we ate Vietnamese food. We ate shrimp and dry noodles, Vietnamese beef noodles and fried rice. The dry noodles were served with a sweet sauce, and the fried rice was put in some sort of wooden canteen. The beef noodles were special because it was said that once the beef touched the boling water, it was cooked since it was cut so thin. Then we went to Trafalgar Square, where people were celebrating Canada Day. People were wearing Canada shirts, flags, gloves, hats, and wtith tattoes all over them. I played on an impossible climbing thing, and I wanted to play a soccer game but it closed. The bathroom was a nightmare. Beer cans, poop, pee, toliet paper, were scattered all over the bathroom. At Trafalgar Square, there was also a band and a fountain. Then we came back on the tube It was so crowded, we almost couldn't get on the train. After we got home, I finally relaxed and rested like a boss.

That's a seafood store in Borough Market.

That's a cheesestore in Borough Market.

That's the front of H.M.S. Belfast.

That's part of a place where they were running and firing their missiles and stuff.

That's also the front of H.M.S. Belfast!

There I am resting on a chair on H.M.S. Belfast. Fact: Belfast is one of the capital's in Ireland.

One of the biggest turrents on H.M.S. Belfast.

That's a Mark IX torpedo.

I took over the Captain's chair.

I am at Trafalgar Square, where people are celebrating Canada Day.

I am at Trafalgar Square, where people are celebrating Canada Day.

End Of Picture Gallery: Borough Market & H.M.S. Belfast.

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