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Today I didn't want to get out of bed. I stayed in bed, and video called my parents. I downloaded all the free emojis and told my sister I bought the owl and the key chain. Then I changed into my camo shirt and shorts, wore blue socks and my black Under Armour jacket. Then as I yawned I walked into the kitchen. I ate two pieces of bread with half butter half strawberry jam in the middle. Not very good, but it was average. I ate it with some milk, then played BTD Battles in which I kept wrecking people. Then: bathroom, packing, then out the door. Then we walked to the British Mueseum, where it took about seven mintues to get there and the entry was free. We had to line up, the line was pretty fast, then we were checked. The British Mueseum was where in one episode of The Night of the Mueseum, they went to one of Britain's mueseums. That was the British Mueseum. We then bought a guide for £5, then started checking out the exihibits. First, we saw many themes of the Mueseum, such as Roman, Greek, Egyptian stuff and pottery, and Native American (ancient stuff), like accessories, weapons, clothing, things like that. There was a rug, made of cloth and medicine pills, that stretched about 25 meters! WOW! That's cool! Then we saw Ancient Egyptian stuff, such as sarchaphogusus (I do not know how to spell that), statues of gods and pharoahs, but sadly, no mummies. I was looking forward to the mummies. Ancient Greece and Rome came next. We saw statues of people and gods, and one thing I do not understand: is that why Greek and Roman statues all show private body parts, which is irrating, disgusting, annoying, and disturbing. The cool thing was that we saw real Roman soldier and gladiator armor! But there was this Murmillo gladiator helmet which clearly was a Secutor or Thracian gladiator helmet. History is wrong. We then saw ancient items, like jugs, jewelry, statuettes, and more! For lunch, there was nothing good, so so we got a cold chicken burrito and a hot bean and ham soup. We got to the second floor, where we saw this money gallery full of money. We got to feel different textures of money. Quiz: name something that is not currency in the world from the following: a) a very long needle | b) a small quilt | c) a large metal cross | d) a metal square plate | e) shells made of bone... If you have chosen d) a metal square plate, then you are correct. Then we went to floor -1, to see African stuff. There were things made out of weapons, and cool masks. Then we went back to the first floor, where I wanted to get this cool leaflet. I wanted to collect that leaflet about Africa because I wanted to know more, which is a good thing. It was located at the left at the South Stairs. There were approximately a million stairs in the British Mueseum, and I didn't know what direction I was in. So I went to the information center to find a man getting out of his seat. He was the only one in sight at the information center. I asked, "Excuse me, where is the South Stairs?" Want to know my reply? It was: "GOOOOOO! GOOOOOO! GOOOOOO! GOOOOOO! GOOOOOO! GOOOOOO! EVACUATE! EVACUATE! EVACUATE! EVACUATE! EVACUATE! EVACUATE!" I rolled my eyes as I raced back to my uncle. We were then pushed into the Themes exhibit. We were then pushed out of the mueseum. I first thought it was a bombing, or a massacre, or a fire, or a hyperactive chicken. We then went to Chinatown again, where we saw Yoda flying in the air. Then we went to the House of Mina Lima, where I explained earlier, it was full of Harry Potter stuff. The first floor is the shopping center, the second is the Daily Prophet collections, other posters such as the Marauder's Map at the third with a kids workspace section, then the third floor had random stuff, then the fourth again with random stuff. I wanted to buy some stuff, but they were TOOOOOOO expensive. Then we went to a restaurant called Eat Tokyo whose name didn't even make sense. We ate Tokyo Ramen and chicken terriyaki jyu. We also had an extra chicken terriyaki jyu. The ramen was okay, but the jyu was awesome. We saw Ripley Kipling's Believe It Or Not Odditorium, then came back and rested. One thing: do not go to the Odditorium. I wanted to go there, but later rejected the idea: it costs more than it is worth it!!! My uncle personally said, "It is just paper, sticks, and wax. Paper, sticks, and wax. Paper, sticks, and wax." Which is true. Pretty much the only cool thing was the Mirror Maze. Now it's called the handprint maze, since now you can get through the maze in about 3 minutes since the mirrors are full of handprints.

That's some funky Roman armor.

Fine, I give in. That was a Murmillo helmet.

Just some random jugs.

A helmet, could be Greek or Italian.

That's a money collector.

Just some of the world's currency.

That's just some sarchaphoguses. Not sure if that's the proper way to spell it.

I don't think this is the Cleopatra mummy. There are a bunch of women in Ancient Egypt named Cleopatra. It was a common name.

Something. Probably something below a statue.

That's an Indian totem pole, where we were eating next to.

That's a quote from Tennyson. Something Tennyson. Just look closer at the picture...I'm too lazy to figure it out...

Here I photobombed my uncle.

Now my uncle is sitting down. I photobombed him again.

That's a statue. He looks like Voldemort, no nose...

That is Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and drunkeness, but more noble than the Greek god Dionysus, the Greek equivalent.

Ah. I am too good at photobombing.

That is a pharoah's statue. Probably some Amenho... guy

That's an Easter Island statue. Some archaeologists and historians don't know this thing, this might be true: the Easter Island statues had legs! They were probably just under the soil. When they were uncovering it, they probably accidently removed their legs without knowing, what a disgrace.

That's part of the British Mueseum's interior. Ah! I am wearing my cashmere!

That's the British Mueseum's exterior.

That's Venus, the Roman goddess of love.

Just some metal weapons.

That's just some ancient currency.

That's a statue, I think it's from Mesopotamia.


End Of Picture Gallery: British Mueseum

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