Today, again, we were rushed out of the house. I only ate some grapes, cheese, and milk. At first I struggled with the suitcase, then I got the hang of it. We went from Paddington Station to King's Cross Station. I haven't mentioned that the card you use on the subway (or in London, the Underground); it's called an Oyster card. It looks very cool, cool fonts, cool blue colors, and so on. King's Cross is also the station you go to get to Platform 9 3/4, where you go to Hogwarts. But you can't really go to Hogwarts, but you can go to the Platform 9 3/4 shop, where you can buy Harry Potter souveniers of any kind. Some items you can only buy at Palace Theater, like Dark Slytherin, shirts, pens, and cups, and Dark Mark shirts, pens and cups and so on. There was a trolley halfway through the barrier, nothing like the one in the movie. The difference: this one was big, and had the words PLATFORM 9 3/4 in white and black on top, and had an arch. The movie one was small, didn't have the words PLATFORM 9 3/4, and didn't have an arch and was rectangular. I only got a peek at the door, then I had to go back. Then we said our goodbyes to Vincent and his mom, then my uncle and I went to Platform 6. Our carriage was M, seats 7 & 8, and in FIRST CLASS! Dab dab dab dabbity dabbity dab dab dab. First class rights: a giant table, a giant seat, free all you can eat snacks, unlimited supply of water, and your own personal bathroom! I made that part up about the bathroom. Then two things happened 1)somebody got on the wrong train, 2) somebody sitting in front of us wasn't supposed to sit in first class! That meant...we got to have a whole section of our carriage for ourselves! Dab dab dab dabbity dabbity dab dab dab. I received a phone call from my family in Hokkaido, Japan, and ate popcorn. I waited fir so long: I couldn't play video games, just sit and watch the scenery, take pictures, cool, but no fun. It was nice, but B-O-R-I-N-G. I got a super duper undelicious egg sandwich, and got like a bunch of chips that could have gave me an extra 100 kilograms so I just kept it and later gave it too my sister. Then we got off the train and walked for a very long distance. Since the elevator broke down, we had to climb for about 65 steps, with heavy luggage, up a spiral staircase. It was super duper tiring, and when I reached the top, I almost collapsed. We lived at the very top. Inside, there was a full carpet that lined up the whole house except for the kitchen and bathroom, a bathroom, TV room, kitchen, and a bedroom with a window in the roof! Then we went to a tour of Edinburgh. Since it was so cold, I changed into my Nike pants. I did not change out in the open. I also got some dark hot chocolate from Starbucks. Our tour guide, named Erik, was probably the best tour guide because he was the only one with a sense of humor. He talked about the old Scottish Parliament, public executions, like beheading, drawings, quarterings, hangings, and a graveyard where J.K. Rowling got her inspiration for some of her Harry Potter characters for example, Moody(Mad-Eye Moody), Thomas Riddell(Tom Marvolo Riddle), and William McGonagall(Professor Minerva McGonagall). We also took a picture with Greyfriar Bobby's tombstone (a very famous and loyal Scottish dog). Erik also brought us Edinburgh Castle. We didn't go there that day, but we did go there few days later. Erik talked about very interesting stories. For example, there was this Scottish hero named William Wallace. He fought against the English, and technically won all of the battles. One day he was captured, and sent to the English court. He was obviously guilty. On execution day, William Wallace was first hanged until he was almost dead. Then they quickly took him off, and drew him. Drawing then was not really used as a execution thing. Drawing is not like drawing with markers, coloring pencils, et cetera. Drawing as an execution is taking ones organs out except for the heart so they can still live for a bit longer. Wallace's organs were then burnt in front of while his legs and arms were tied up, connecting them to horses' backs. Then the four horses went in four opposite directions and split him apart when he was still alive. That is called quartering. Then we ate ramen at Maki & Ramen. Not very good, but it was average. I wrote a few post-it notes on the walls like other people. If you some day go to Edinburgh, You can find my post-it note. Then we looked in some shops and I bought a Horrible Histories: Scotland. You can't check it out in Morrison Academy's library, so I bought it. Then I went to the bathroom at a pub, then climbed the spiral staircase. We got a tour of the house, read a book, settled into the TV room, then went to Victoria Street. Quiz: Victoria Street is where J.K. Rowling got inspiration for which place in Harry Potter? Answer: Diagon Alley. You can buy special Scottish scarves made in Scotland made by Scottish people in Scotland called cashmeres, go to joke shops, like Weasley Wizard Wheezes, go to restaurants and eat Haggis (which I'm never going to do), and go to second hand bookstores, and pubs. Then we went to George Heriot's School. It was the inspiration for J.K. Rowling's ________. It should be easy. The answer is Hogwarts. There's also a preschool next to it. There isn't much stuff you can do in their playground, but it is super duper big, perfect for playing tag, and a soccer and basketball field/court. Since we kept going in and out of the home, we got back at 8:30. Interesting fact: in the summer, there is no such thing as night. It is still daytime during midnight. Last quiz of the day. How do you pronounce Edinburgh? Well so far every person I've asked who hasn't been to Scotland guessed Edin-BURG. Well it isn't Edin-BURG, it is Edin-BRUH. OK, then I went to bed and secretly watched my uncle play UNO on his iPad Pro.

Here's me on the incredibly boring ride to Edinburgh.

Here's the grave of Thomas Riddell, which was kind of creepy when I took the picture.

Look at the beauty of the graveyard, where a bunch of dead people moan and grind their teeth.

Here's the grave of Bobby, where inside lies the body of Bobby. Or that's what they think the dog is.

That's where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter, the Elephant House. But Erik told us it's actually somewhere else, a few blocks away.

That's Edinburgh Castle. I will eventually go in in another entry.

End Of Picture Gallery: Train to Edinburgh

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