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Warner Bros Studio Tour Express Warner Bros Studio Tour Forbidden Forest

This morning I woke up at about 5:30 A.M, due to the volume of the adults. I searched food, ending up eating tomato soup, cheese with bread, and milk, By the way, we were living below the streets, kind of underground. At about 8:30, we set off for Evan Evans, a UK bus driving system. In the English way, bus is coach, it probably came from the word stagecoach. It allows you to go to several places such as the Warner Bros Studio Tour (there are many Studio Tours, but this Studio Tour is the Harry Potter one). Vincent and his mom weren't going with us because the tickets they bought were later than ours. We took about 1 1/2 hours to get there, Once we got there, security people started checking our bags, The lobby, which was filled with Harry Potter character pictures. We were only allowed four hours to finish the tour. It was so long. We first watcged some videos on how and when and the history of the Harry Potter films. Then we entered a replica of the Great Hall. There were replicas of the common rooms, classrooms, houses, props, and other wizarding equipment such as the Astronomy Tower, the Burrow, Malfoy Manor, Hagrid, wands, robes and professor. And obviously much more. I got to ride a broom and pretend to be an awesome Slytherin criminal. The broom was actually a seat with a broom on it. Behind the broom was all green. Movies are made with green scenes, blue scenes, whatever. It just has to be a solid color. For example, if there is a green screen, then anything thst matches the green that matches the solid green color will be part of the background. Sometimes you could press buttons to reveal special effects, such as lightning, thunder, wind, creature movement, and much more! Then we went into the Forbidden Forest, to meet Buckbeak, Aragog, and some other Acromantula. There were MANY special effect buttons. Then Plaform 9 3/4. You could go in the train, but not the compartments, Then we went to the Potter's Cottage, and the Dursley's Home. Dudley had some awards such as "New Distance: 5 Meters" and "Dudley Has Earned This Certificate For Eating Up All His Food". We later saw the Knight Bus, and Hagrids motorbike, next to the flying car. Forgot to mention that we ate Mac'n Cheese and some Butterbeer for lunch. Then at the gift shop, I got a Gryffindor magnet for Alan and a Gryffindor notebook for me. Then we came back to Norfolk, ate dinner with my uncle's friend, where we ate steak, chicken risotto, and a undelicious salad(I don't think that's a word) in order to get our Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets, and bought the ingredients to tomowrow's breakfast. I took a bath, did some stuff, then went to sleep. (Pictures with *** means that it's supposed to be rotated 90 degrees to the left.)

Oh the sorrow! How bored was I on the bus ride.

Above: Me with my butterbeer and macaroni and cheese-----Right Above: Me next to the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4***

This is da Great Hall in Hogwarts. I know it's kind of blurry, but deal with it.

This is where Harry lives. Da Cupboard Under Da Stairs.

This is outside the Studio. The chesspieces are from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, where Harry, Hermione, and Ron play chess.

The tag says a clock on Platform 9 3/4, but I never seen it before.***

These are the wands of the characters.

These people, as you can see, Severus Snape, Rebeus Hagrid, and Argus Filch without a face.

I think these clothes belong to Harry and Lupin, but I'm not sure.

There am I looking at the Potions classroom.

Here is another picture of the Potions classroom.

These are some of the props that they used in the movies.

Here are some of the portraits used in the movie. I don't even know them.

There am I pushing the cart through the barrier. I have two things to point out: 1)The barrier doesn't even look like that in the movie 2) I hate that Ravenclaw scarf. Plus I don't know where the picture is.

There's the thing in the Ministry of Magic.

The mail is coming out of the fireplace.

Here we go into the Forbidden Forest.***

This is Buckbeak. I think he only moves his head.***

Here's the Potter's Cottage.

Dobby is dabbing with me.***

Here I am walking through Diagon Alley.***

Here are some of the pictures that helped design the movies.

Here is the store Ollivanders.

A miniature model of Hogwarts.

End Of Picture Gallery: Warner Brothers Studio Tour

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