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Heathrow Airport THAI Airways

I woke up and brushed my teeth, preparing for the flight. After preparing, we went out on my uncle's Range Rover car. We headed for Taoyuan airport, and got our tickets. We took THAI Airways. About 7, 8, o'clock, we took our plane to Bangkok, Thailand. We had a flight for three hours. I got a seafood spaghetti, along with bread and other delicious items. I played a bunch of video games, watched part of Beauty and the Beast and Star Wars: Rouge I. I also watched the Lego™ Batman Movie. All pretty cool. Then we got off the plane, at the Thailand airport(Suvarnabhumi Airport). We looked around and waited for about one a a half hours. There were accessories, food, technology, and so much more! Then we went on our next plane, from Bangkok, Thailand, to London, England. The next flight was incredibly long: 15 hours! The pro, I got to watch movies for a long time as well as video games, and two sets of airplane food. The con, sometimes I had to rest my eyes , and sometimes suffered from boredom, hunger, and thirst. I sat by the window. Everytime I opened the window, light that was very bright shone through the window, piercing our eyes. The bathroom was incredibly small. It took me five minutes in order to find the flushing thingy. Bathroom, in the English way, is loo. I played pong, shooting games, finding games with my uncle, ocassionally reading a book. Between the two flights and after, we exchanged phone calls with my mom and sister. When we arrived at Heathrow Airport, the Customs person kept asking me questions, not my uncle (because the Customs person thought my uncle was kidnapping me)! After a journey on the Underground Connect (a subway system), we went to the place wgere we live, at Norfolk Place; we walked for about 20~30 minutes. There we met Vincent, my friend and his mom. And another thing, on our second flight we had lunch and dinner, which are chicken curry and beef curry (I love curry). I wish we cab have a great time in London, enjoying the sights and the food!

Name Seat Number Airfare
Benjamin Lung 6A NT$ 22,000
Jiunn-bor Lin 6B NT$ 125,000
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